Healthy Living
Grade 5

​​Unit 1 - Health Awareness + Action = Power

  1. Who Decides What You Eat?
  2. Evaluating Ads
  3. Factors that Affect My Decisions
  4. Who Can Help?
  5. Who is Affected?
  6. In Their Shoes
  7. Awareness Campaign


Unit 2 - Making Personal Choices about Health Behaviour

  1. Effects of Alcohol Use
  2. Factors of Intoxication
  3. Nutrition Labels and Ingredients
  4. Decision Making and Safety
  5. Digital Citizenship - as covered during Division Assemblies in the fall


Unit 3 - Understanding Puberty: A Time of Change

  1. Changes in Puberty in Males

Grade 5 Curriculum

Healthy Living Overview - Grade 5.pptx

Healthy Living Introduction - Grade 5.pptx

In Grade 5, students consider connections between their health and the world around them and learn to use health information to make safe and healthy choices. Students learn about:

  • the reproductive system and body changes during puberty
  • emotional changes and stress related to puberty, and ways of managing stress and enhancing mental health
  • the effect of a person's actions (either in person or online) on their own self-concept, the feelings of others, and their reputation
  • ways of dealing with threatening situations, using safety strategies (e.g., being aware of your surroundings and of people's body language), and knowing how to get help in an emergency
  • reasons why a person may drink alcohol, effects of alcohol use, and ways to respond to pressure to do things that could lead to addictions or harm (e.g., speaking clearly and strongly)
  • information on food labels (including nutrition facts tables) and media influences on food choices