Healthy Living
Grade 4

I did not teach Grade 4 this year, so I don't have any prepared lessons to share - sorry!


Grade 4 Curriculum

Healthy Living Overview - Grade 4.pptx

Healthy Living Introduction - Grade 4.pptx

In Grade 4, students consider connections between their health and the world around them and learn to use health information to make safe and healthy choices. Students learn about:

  • physical changes at puberty, personal hygiene, and the impacts of puberty on feelings and relationships
  • bullying, abuse, and the safe use of technology
  • making decisions in different situations by thinking ahead and assessing risk (e.g., planning a safe route to school, avoiding allergic reactions by checking food ingredients)
  • health effects of smoking and second-hand smoke, and factors that might influence someone to smoke or not smoke
  • nutrients and setting healthy eating goals, using information from Canada's Food Guide (e.g., portion size, food groups)
  • promoting healthy food choices in different settings (e.g., arena, special events)