Healthy Living
Grade 2

​​Unit 1 - Exploring Healthy Behaviours

  1. Making Healthy Food Choices

Unit 2 - Safety and Well-Being

  1. Relating Positively to Others
  2. Enhancing Safe and Positive Behaviour
  3. Safe Behaviour and Allergies
  4. Monitoring Prescription Medicine

Unit 3 - Understanding the Stages of Development

  1. Oral Health - as presented by a Public Health Nurse

Grade 2 Curriculum

Healthy Living Overview - Grade 2.pptx

Healthy Living Introduction - Grade 2.pptx

In Grade 2, students consider connections between their health and the world around them and learn to use health information to make safe and healthy choices. Students learn about:

  • respecting others (e.g., by learning to listen and to pay attention to body language) and standing up for themselves
  • stages of development and staying healthy as they change and grow
  • staying safe at home (e.g., having an escape plan in case of fire) and outdoors (e.g., sun safety, school bus safety), recognizing common allergies and their effects, and using medicines safely
  • staying healthy (e.g., by being active, getting enough sleep) or getting healthy again after an illness
  • caring for their teeth and mouth
  • considering nutrition and factors within their control (e.g., food available in the home) as they make food choices based on Canada's Food Guide