Healthy Living
Grade 3

​Unit 1 - Factors Impacting Healthy Decision-Making

  1. Where Does Food Come From?
  2. Legal and Illegal Substances
  3. Local and Cultural Food
  4. Media and Violence
  5. Substance Abuse and Violence
  6. Connections Between Health Behaviours
Unit 2 - Personal Health and Safety
  1. Subtance Misuse
  2. Safety Scenarios
  3. Safety Guidelines Out of Class
  4. Oral Health - as presented by a Public Health Nurse


Unit 3 - Understanding Healthy Relationships


Grade 3 Curriculum

Healthy Living Overview - Grade 3.pptx

Healthy Living Introduction - Grade 3.pptx

In Grade 3, students consider connections between their health and the world around them and learn to use health information to make safe and healthy choices. Students learn about:

  • healthy relationships and things that affect their physical and emotional development, including understanding and respecting things that are the same and different about each other (e.g., skills and talents; body shape and size; religious beliefs and ethnic/cultural backgrounds; types of families, including those with same sex parents)
  • the difference between real and fake violence (e.g., violence in video games) and the impact of both
  • behaviours that could lead to addictions (e.g., too much screen time)
  • strategies for staying safe at home, in the community, outdoors, and online
  • the food they eat, including the origins and nutritional value of different foods and the effect of their food choices on their dental and overall health and on the environment (e.g., comparing the nutritional value and environmental impact of a raw apple and canned apple sauce)
  • local and cultural foods