Healthy Living
Grade 1

​Unit 1 - Food, Habits, and Healthy Alternatives

  1. Creative Discussions

Unit 2 - Safety and Well-Being

  1. Safety Bingo
  2. Name the Danger
  3. Stand up for Safety
  4. Stop and Tell
  5. Safe Practices and Safety Risks
  6. Safety Poster

Unit 3 - Understanding Human Development 

Grade 1 Curriculum

Healthy Living Overview - Grade 1.pptx

Healthy Living Introduction - Grade 1.pptx

In Grade 1, students consider connections between their health and the world around them and learn to use health information to make safe and healthy choices. Students learn about:

  • the identification of body parts (including genitalia) by their proper names, and how to care for their bodies (e.g., hand washing as a part of personal hygiene)
  • caring and harmful behaviours, and how to recognize them
  • safety, at home, at school, and in the community
  • connections between their actions, the way they feel, and their health
  • the importance of healthy foods for healthy bodies, and how to use Canada's Food Guide
  • their senses, and how to use feelings of hunger, thirst, and fullness to develop healthy eating habits